Texas, Here We Come!!!!!

You heard me right!!!

Soooo much has happened since I last blogged! Our new life adventure has begun!!!

On July 14, Monday…Josh, Michael, and I…with the help of friends and neighbors…loaded up this 5×8 trailer and headed to Texas to join my soon-to-be husband, Jimmy, in our new life adventure in Texas!

After two years of recovering from my injuries in the accident in July 2012, we decided to break the trip up into four days of driving to make it easier on my back/body and on our car as I pulled this trailer filled with our most prized possessions. Out on the road we made many discoveries as a family, created new, very special memories, and I learned a lot about myself!

Our “travel mission Texas” as the boys called it, started out near Rolla, Missouri and ended up in our new home town near Waco, Texas. With getting lost side trips and following our daily mission driving plans we covered more than seven hundred miles in what went from four days of traveling into five when we faced flash floods and severe storms across the state of Texas on what was supposed to be our fourth and final day of travel.

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But we enjoyed many great experiences along the way as well. We enjoyed yummy foods, exploring new cities and states, learned to use the toll roads of Oklahoma, enjoyed beautiful weather as well as endured and survived severe storms and flash flooding. We enjoyed times of singing songs as a family in the car as well as times of crankiness from little people after hours of driving across country sitting a booster seat. We enjoyed very cool temperatures as well as fun moments of swimming and relaxing in motel swimming pools and making new friends.

Most of all…we shared stories, things we were looking forward to in our new family life with my amazing , soon to be husband and my awesome soon to be step teenage step son. We shared the realities of what our life will be like as we walk with my in-laws through the priceless final weeks and days of saying good-bye to my new father-in-law as we live with him and my new mother-in-law with the special honor of being there with them and helping them in any way we can to make life easier in these difficult days.

The boys shared their excitement of having a new daddy, a new brother, and new grandparents and uncles! And I basked in my joy of the reality of being married to my soul mate very soon and the honor of being his wife.

A new marriage. A new family. A new state. A new home. A new adventure in His Grace!!!

Won’t you join me as I share this life changing journey with all of you???
And while you are here…won’t you share how many state you have lived in during your life time?

I have personally lived in– Missouri, Kansas, Virginia, Illinois, and now the great state of Texas!!! How about you???

Soaking in His Grace and love!

Mary Susan



38 thoughts on “Texas, Here We Come!!!!!

  1. I’m so happy for you Mary!!! I was following your story and travels when we were connected on FB. I can not wait to see what the Lord has planned for you in this new season of life! Many many blessings sweet friend!!

    • Oh thank you so much, Marlene! You are such an encouragement! I am still adding back my friends from my other account on FB. Please send me a friend request, sweet friend. My name has not changed yet, and the picture is me in front of the trailer. Want to make sure we are connected!

  2. Texas….all my life. I have visited other states. So excited for you and the boys as begin a New Adventure. Welcome to Texas!!!

  3. Ok I’m going to sound like a hick but I have always lived in Arkansas lived within 50 miles of where I was born for 20 years and finally got to move back to the family farm well the farm behind the family farm… Have got to travel to several states but have no desire to live anywhere else.
    So glad you are writing about your adventure!

  4. I have lived in Missouri, Kansas, New York, Nebraska and Texas. My heart will always be in St Louis, but I leave no complaints about living in Texas. Yea-haw! 😀

    • I understand, Suzanne!!! I have been shoutin’ yea haw myself since arriving here. Would love to get together sometime now that we are back in the same state again! Congrats again on your recent marriage!!!

  5. I have lived in Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico and West Virginia. We have pastored in TX, UT, NM, and MD. Pioneered 3 of those churches.

  6. I have lived in Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Oregon and someday will hopefully be leaving Wisconsin again on my own new journey to possibly California but we will see, it’s all in God”s hands and timing!

    • Thanks, Penny! And thanks for commenting! So fun that I am in your old home state of TX! I love the adventure that you are on now in Washington. Thanks for your sweet encouragement, always!

    • Awwwww (blush) Thanks, Spring!!! You are so sweet! It felt great to be in a swimsuit again. I am going to write an article about getting comfortable in my own skin very soon and will be sharing more about that. 😀 Thanks for your encouraging words!

  7. Ive lived in several states. I grew up in Wisconsin, went to college in Michigan. After getting married, we have lived in Alabama, Texas, Alaska, Washington, and now California. And we are looking forward to a New adventure in His Grace as we prepare to move again, in less then a year, as a almost complete family. Im so excited for you!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Spring!!! Oh wow! You sure have lived your own adventure in experiencing new places!!! And I love the story of your family! Can’t wait for your new adventure!!

    • Awesome! Well that is encouraging to hear you adjusted to the hotter weather. We are learning about how things can heat up very quickly here too! Learning a lot and loving it. Learning that you go out in the later evening once things have cooled down and not spend time outside in the heat of the day as much. Our Josh wants to live in Florida someday!

I would love to hear from you!!! Your comments mean so much to me!!!

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