Hanging onto HOPE in the Darkness


In the midst of the dark of the night, it is the light we see reflected in the stars and the moon that help us find our way. In order to see them, we have to stop what we are doing, stop trying to feel our way on our own…and look up.

For me, the same thing happens in the painful, dark times of my life. God never puts us in a place where we can’t look up and find His grace shining through the darkness. It is there to help us see that He is still with us and will help us find our way through the painful times and keep our eyes on His light.

I am amazed, and reminded daily, that the situations we are going through never catch God off guard. He knew what was coming and He used our previous experience…earlier times in our life when He carried us through and taught us and grew us…to prepare us for what we are facing now.

And when we feel as if there is no way we can make it through…when we feel totally overwhelmed and forget the grace…His strength, His wisdom, His courage, His grace…to that got us through in the past, He is there to remind us once again.

For me, God has been showing me how His timing is perfect. He brought my husband and I together at a specific time in each of our lives and brought me to Texas to marry him in August for a specific reason.

He fills my life with special people who encourage and support me and help me to remember not to quit…just when I need it most.

Our Lord lifts me up…shines His light in the darkness and reminds me to trust Him.

He reminds me to have faith. Do I really trust Him? If I do…I need to remember His grace and plan in the midst of the painful times not just the good times.

Then I stop. Stop and look up. It is only when I keep my eyes on His eyes…His grace… Breathe, cry out to Him, soak in His peace that The darkness begins to fade and the light…HIS light, begins to fill the space that seemed impossible to navigate.

Do you know what I mean?

Can you relate?

Mind you, I know Jesus is my hope.

I know Jesus is my salvation…my protection…my strength and peace!!!!

He has been there for me in the midst of darkness in the past…so many times!!!

Totally trusting Him while not being able to find my footing isn’t new to me. I have been through hard times before. But there are moments when I forget and doubt creeps in…

Can you relate?

It is in these times when I relate so much to the Israelites who never seemed to remember how God brought them out of Egypt when they face a new challenge in the wilderness. I read about their experience and say, how could they not remember!!!???

But I know.

I know how easy it can be to forget. Even when He has saved us and carried us through seemingly impossible pain and darkness in the past!!! But just as the Israelites needed to be reminded that God would never leave or forsake them…

I need to be reminded.

My husband is soooo good at reminding me…bringing me back to trusting. He loves me, encourages me, and supports me but there are times when he feels led to ask me the hard questions…do you have faith or not, Mary? Do you really trust Him?


It is in those ouch moments that kick my heart and mind back on track again. And he reminds me of the wilderness God has brought me through in the past and the amazing grace that carried me through.

And I remember.

I grab onto His grace and God pulls me up and tells me to stand and walk!

Walk in His grace with His strength…taking his Hand and following His lead even when I cannot see where to step next.

Then in hear the voice of my Savior in my heart…

My grace is sufficient, my daughter.

You may not understand…but you don’t have to…my grace is sufficient.

His peace fills me once again. The knot in my stomach begins to unravel and the light of His complete love blots out the darkness and soothes the pain and renews my joy…I am hanging onto His Grace and His strength fills me!!!

Now we begin this new month. This new time of Advent…time of preparation.

Our world has so much darkness right now…not just our personal issues or challenges but the world in which we all live. There is anger and rage showing itself in war, terrorism, violence in our streets, sickness, loss of hope in our nation…in areas around our world.

As we prepare for Christmas, Jesus’ coming, this year I am deeply reminded that we are not preparing for Jesus’ birth as a baby, but His second coming!

He is coming again, sweet friends.

HOPE is real. Jesus has a plan and everything we see in the news is leading up to His second coming.

Many families, couples, and individuals are searching for hope in these times. I know from my own experience, that when I take my eyes off of my own situation and reach out and look up and focus on finding ways to bring Jesus’ hope to other people who need Him so much…my pain begins to fade and I am reminded even more of His grace and Hope.

This time of Advent…this time of preparation…I am focusing on finding ways share His hope with the people in my life and whom God puts in my path. On the days when I encounter obstacles in my life…I need to remember His hope and not let it stop there.

It is time for us to share the HOPE that Jesus gives each one of us!!!!

Are you ever like me?

Do you ever need reminders about God’s grace moments in your life when you are in the pain of a present situation? What do you do? Who do you talk to?

Are there people in your life you can be a reminder for? Let’s look up from our own lives and reach out and let the light of Jesus’ hope shine through us and touch the lives of the people God brings into our paths.

I know I need to work on this. Will you join me this month and focus on HIS hope in the darkness??

Hanging onto His HOPE,

Mary Susan


3 thoughts on “Hanging onto HOPE in the Darkness

  1. Since we chatted our last time, it seems like we’ve been around the world and back: you in yours and me in mine. Both painful, but it is His grace that sustains us. PM any private updates if you so desire. I am here for you.

    • It really is a gift when we have people in our lives who aren’t afraid to help us remember the truth. My ego gets nipped a bit but it sure does get me back to what I need to do. 🙂 I totally relate to the pouting feeling, I am learning to give that up and think about what he is saying and remember he is talking to me out of love and wants the best for me. I am so glad for you that you have a good friend who cares about you that much. What a blessing!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!!! Hugs right back at you!!!

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