We have a Choice to Make…Will we choose to Rest in Him?

Annie and Michael 6-17-2012 004

Something to consider tonight…

When you and I go to bed tonight. We have a choice to make…we can either lay there and reflect on the troubles of the day or week and allow anxiety and hopelessness overcome our hearts and minds…we have a decision to make. We can do that or we can consciously choose to acknowledge that we are going through hard times but remember to focus our minds on Jesus. We can remember that He has been with us through everything in the past.

No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:5 NIV

The Lord will surely comfort Zion
and will look with compassion on all her ruins;
he will make her deserts like Eden,
her wastelands like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in her,
thanksgiving and the sound of singing. Isaiah 51:3

We can choose to have our HOPE in HIM. We can choose to have our joy in Him. We can give him our worries and receive His peace, hope and His healing love. We can choose rest in Him, tonight.

Isn’t that a relief?? We can let go of trying to “figure it all out ourselves”. We can leave it in His hands!!!

It is time to do it!!

I am so thankful for the incredible peace He gives me and YOU through His grace! Aren’t you?

Let’s rest in His arms tonight. We have a choice to make! Will we rest in Him or will we hold onto the burden He is waiting to carry for us? The choice is there each day and night and Jesus is waiting to take us into HIS arms…

The choice is yours. Which will you choose?