Hi! I am Mary Susan. In the past I blogged at Unwrapping His Grace as Mary Joy, but God is now taking me on a new journey and it has landed me here.

God has led me on an incredible journey from getting serious injured and becoming a widow and an almost two-year journey of healing to new wholeness embracing life and now He is writing a new love story as He weaves my life together with my new husband, James (I call him Jimmy). We were just married on August 7, 2014. He has taken me from a blogging break in which He did an incredible amount of healing in my heart and life to starting a new blog here and writing my first e-book…to a big move to from the Ozarks of Missouri to the great state of Texas just last month!

There is so much to share as God opens the first of many chapters in this new story He is writing in my life. I am so, so glad that HE is the Author of our lives!!! Every day is full of new experiences and new surprises…opportunities to grow, learn, heal, stumble, get back up again, love, be loved, and celebrate life, love, and new beginnings in and through His amazing grace…TO LIVE FULLY!

I am wife, mom, and step-mom and I am discovering the life and plan that God has in mind for me in this new stage of my life.

I hope you will stick around and hang out with me in my new sacred space so that we can encourage and get to know each other.


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