Hanging onto HOPE in the Darkness


In the midst of the dark of the night, it is the light we see reflected in the stars and the moon that help us find our way. In order to see them, we have to stop what we are doing, stop trying to feel our way on our own…and look up.

For me, the same thing happens in the painful, dark times of my life. God never puts us in a place where we can’t look up and find His grace shining through the darkness. It is there to help us see that He is still with us and will help us find our way through the painful times and keep our eyes on His light.

I am amazed, and reminded daily, that the situations we are going through never catch God off guard. He knew what was coming and He used our previous experience…earlier times in our life when He carried us through and taught us and grew us…to prepare us for what we are facing now.

And when we feel as if there is no way we can make it through…when we feel totally overwhelmed and forget the grace…His strength, His wisdom, His courage, His grace…to that got us through in the past, He is there to remind us once again.

For me, God has been showing me how His timing is perfect. He brought my husband and I together at a specific time in each of our lives and brought me to Texas to marry him in August for a specific reason.

He fills my life with special people who encourage and support me and help me to remember not to quit…just when I need it most.

Our Lord lifts me up…shines His light in the darkness and reminds me to trust Him.

He reminds me to have faith. Do I really trust Him? Continue reading